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New crowdfunding started

After a successful crowdfunding last autumn, we are again collecting money to support Norway´s first climate lawsuit. Hopefully, as many as possible will contribute!

Do you want to give a contribution?

Please check out our crowdfunding page here. Thank you! 

You can also deposit money directly to account number 1254.62.25702, and mark the payment by name and preferably also email address, so we can contact you with more information about our work.

On November 14th, the lawsuit begins in Oslo District Court. The court will decide whether it violates the Norwegian Constitution’s Eco-Article (article 112) to open the Barents Sea to new oil drilling projects. Now, we need your help to show that we are many who stand behind the climate lawsuit and say no to oil in the Arctic!

The trial is an important opportunity to create debate and attention about oil drilling. 20% of the money we collect will go to information work to reach as many as possible. Everything beyond this will go to legal preparations so that we can build the strongest possible case. The money will be managed by Foreningen Grunnloven §112  on behalf of several other organizations. The more money we get in, the stronger we get!

The climate lawsuit has a solid foundation in professional legal competence and many good supporters. But we meet a powerful counterpart in court, the Norwegian state. Therefore, we need strong lawyers to voice the arguments that are important to us and future generations. When the subpoena was delivered in the autumn of 2016, it generated  a lot of attention. In a few weeks we collected more than half a million Norwegian kroner from people who supported the case. We expect that the lawsuit will cost more than 1 million a year, and we are dedicated to bringing the matter to the Supreme Court if necessary. Every contribution we receive will help us reach our goal.

Your contribution is a voice that demands a living climate for future generations! Support the climate lawsuit by giving your contribution here.

Del denne saken

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